This year we have seen a huge change in the recycling market. Prices for recycling items have dropped dramatically. Metal was once $250/ton, now it’s $60/ton. We do plan for the changes when we do our budget, you just cannot rely on steady pricing. In a sign of the times, we are recycling one third of the newspaper that we had done 15 years ago, welcome to the digital era!

As some of you have probably seen on the news, there are big changes coming for where we take our trash. The current facility that we use now will have a huge price increase in 2018 when their contract runs out with Emera Maine. We are a member of the MRC (Municipal Review Committee), and they are proposing a new facility with cutting edge technology. The board of directors of the Refuse District will be making a decision in the coming months which place to support. For more information on the new technology you can go to

As always, thank you for your continued support and feel free to stop by the office anytime with any questions.

Winter Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00PM (Columbus day –Memorial day)
Summer Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Memorial day –Columbus day)

Board of Directors:
Rob Hopkins, Treasurer, Southport
Curt Crosby, Clerk, Edgecomb
Kirk Brewer, Chairman, Boothbay
Charles Cunningham, Personnel, Boothbay
Gary Farnham, Chairman, Boothbay Harbor
Palmer Payne, A. Treasurer, Boothbay Harbor
Jay Warren, Boothbay Harbor
BRRDD Staff:
Steve Lewis, Manager
William Johnson, Foreman
Rena Smith, Assistant Foreman
Tyler Balsdon, Driver
David Manson, Attendant
Shane Therrien, Attendant
Jake Hodgdon, Attendant
Steven Lewis, Attendant
Rob Latter, Driver
David Brewer, Driver
Anastasia Giles, Bookkeeper
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